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The Board of Commissioners held the Annual Meeting at I-Tech, 508 N 9th St, Immokalee, FL 34142.

The first item on the agenda was the Call to Order:

Mr. Brister called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m.

Next was Roll Call:

Mr. Brister asked for a roll call.

Board Members Present:

Mr. Fred N. Thomas, Jr., Mr. Joseph Brister, Mrs. Bonnie Keen, Mr. Jack Johnson and Ms. Anne Goodnight.

Staff Present:

Mr. Kenneth Thompson , Mrs. Eva Deyo, Mrs. Norma Garcia and Mr. Gary Ferrante with Greeley and Hansen.

Others Present:

Please see sign in sheet.

Next was Agenda:

Mr. Thomas made a motion to approve the Agenda as it has been submitted. Ms. Goodnight seconded the motion.

Motion carried unanimously.



November 16, 2016

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Next was Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year:

Mrs. Deyo stated the Employee of the Month for September 2016 was not present.

Mrs. Deyo announced Mrs. Norma Garcia as Employee of the Year for 2015-2016, and awarded her with a plaque, a shirt with her name on it and a check of $100 and 16 hours off with pay. Mrs. Deyo also gave a speech honoring Mrs. Garcia for Employee of the Year. The Board congratulated her.

Public Concerns:

There were none.

Staff Good Cause Items:

There was none. Board Concerns: There was none. Old Business: There was none. Action Agenda:

Mrs. Deyo asked the Board for a motion to approve Resolution 17-03, amendment of 2016 fiscal year budget.

Mr. Thomas made a motion to approve Resolution 17-03. Ms. Goodnight seconded the motion.

Motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

There was none.


November 16, 2016

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Consent Agenda:

Ms. Goodnight made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. Mr. Thomas seconded the motion.

Motion carried unanimously.

Next was Election of Officers:

Mr. Johnson made a motion to keep all Board Members the same. Mrs. Keen seconded the motion.

Motion carried unanimously.

The new slate of Officers for the Immokalee Water & Sewer District are as follows: Chairman ............................... Mr. Joseph Brister

Vice-Chairman ...................... Ms. Anne Goodnight.

Secretary ................................ Mrs. Bonnie Keen

Treasurer................................ Mr. Fred N. Thomas, Jr. The Board recessed at 6:25 pm. to have dinner.

The meeting reconvened.


There was none.

Next was Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned.

Reviewed by:


Bonnie Keen - Secretary Date




November 16, 2016

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Executive Director’s Report By

Eva J. Deyo

December 21, 2016 – Regular Board Meeting

Water Department

During October & November, Jean Pierre “JP” Louis and the Water Department staff completed the following:

Productivity: - The Water Department staff installed 5 new services, replaced 1 meter, replaced 4 backflow preventers, replaced 122 meter registers, 13 meter antennas. They repaired 12 line and tubing breaks and 67 backflow devices. They moved 2 services and raised 8 meters and boxes. They replaced 3 meter lids. They also repaired 2 valves and replaced 4 valve box lids and 3 valve box risers.

Meter sizes and registers – We are continuing to verify the EDU’s and meter sizes, at the different locations.

Backflow Testing/Certification Project – They have been steadily working on this program, in order to complete the requirements.

Water Plant Issues – Both the JVW Plant, and the Carson Plant were drained and taken down for inspection. We sent the report to FDEP. The company that we hired for the inspection is supposed to do any of the repairs needed. The issues with the Carson Plant shutting down have been resolved.

Flushing – We began flushing the fire hydrants.

Water Notice – We had 5 bacteriological samples in the distribution system fail in October. We should have taken samples at all of the wells, within 24 hours and we did not. We had to send out a notice to all of the customers, and publish a notice in the Naples Daily regarding the issue.

Valve Project – JP Louis has assigned two people at a time, to take turns for two weeks, to make sure that the water valve exercising project is also completed.

SCADA System – This was installed on the three water plants. There were some problems with the system on the Carson Plant.

The Water Department is very busy with all of the ongoing projects, trying to maintain staff, and coverage.

Vacancies – We hired Roy Herrera as a Service Tech I in this department. His first day was November 7, 2016.

Wastewater Plant

During October & November:

Plant Operations & Maintenance – John Short and his staff were working under mostly normal conditions for this time of year.

FDEP Inspection – FDEP came to the WWTP for an inspection the week of October 19, 2015. We still have not received their written report.

Sprayfield – We have been using the Sprayfield as much as possible.

Schwing Bioset Process – We have begun making our own fertilizer: Organi’Kalee. We are currently using it in our own sprayfield. We had two tours of the facility in October. It ran for most of the month in October, but only 12 days in November, due to equipment problems.

Pollution Reporting - Governor Scott has issued an emergency rule requiring everyone to report to FDEP, Board Members, and the public, every pollution spill no matter how small. The Wastewater



plant had a spill of approximately 65 gallons that was contained on site on 11/3 and at the Bioset process of 5 gallons that was contained on site on 11/28/16.

Vacancies – There are no vacancies in this department.

Wastewater Collection

Lift Station Maintenance – During October & November, Hector Ramos and his staff pulled pumps, and mowed at the various lift stations, and around the Wastewater Plant, and the District owned property on SE 11th Street. For the 2017 Budget we had budgeted for new pumps, panels and guide rails for several of the lift stations (A2, N, O2 and U). We ordered and received the parts and worked with Florida Utilities Solution, and Paints and Coating to do the work.

Sewer backup – There were sewer backups on Carson Road, Eustis Avenue, Washington Avenue, 6th Avenue Circle, Commerce Avenue, West New Market Road, South 3rd Street, and Breezewood Drive.

Christian Terrace- There is a collapsed sewer service. We are trying to get it repaired.

Pollution Reporting - Governor Scott has issued an emergency rule requiring everyone to report to FDEP, Board Members, and the public, every pollution spill no matter how small. The Wastewater Collection systems had spills of 1 gallon on 11/3 at Lift Station R; a spill of approximately 100-200 gallons at the Seminole Casino that was contained on site on 11/4; a spill of 30 gallons at Lift Station W – Gaunt and Eustis, 11/28 that was contained on site; and a spill of 30 gallons on 11/29 at 316 s 6th Court that was contained on site.

Lift Station X4 – Quality Enterprises is working on the upgrade to Lift Station X4.

Vacancies – We hired Jacob Gallegos for the Service Tech I position in this department. His first day was November 1, 2016.


During October & November, Oona Reyna-Rodriguez and her staff were very busy keeping up with their regular duties and keeping the office going.

File Server Upgrade - We are still trying to configure the Denali Accounting Program, and are not able to customize reports at this time.

Online Bill Pay – The District began accepting online bill payments on January 9, 2015. Customers can sign up to make payments, or to see their water usage history. They also have the option of getting their water bills by email. We now have over 500 customers who are signed up to access their account electronically.

Record Retention - We are continuing to work on scanning orders, and other old records, for electronic record-keeping.

I-9 Audit – Homeland Security came to audit our I-9’s and associated paperwork. They are now selecting critical infrastructure to audit. Norma Garcia had to scan and make copies of all of the documents for them to audit, for all of our current employees and for 3 years of the former employees. We are still waiting for them to return the originals.

Fiscal Year 2016 Audit – We are working on the 2016 Audit. Tuscan & Company will be here during the week of December 12th to finish their field work.

Vacancies – We hired Katie Cheney for the part time position in the Human Resource Department. She began working on October 24, 2016. There are no other vacancies in this department.

Maintenance Department

During October & November, Derys Maldonado and his staff completed the following:

Wastewater Plant and Sprayfield: – They repaired a scum pit oil leak on Clarifier #1. They worked on Clarifier #1 framing the sidewalk. They worked on Clarifier #1 scum pit electric panel. They



worked on Clarifier #3 safety rails. They changed the oil on Rotor 1A.They made new steps on Rotor 1B and 2B and repaired Rotor 2B walking bridge. They replaced Rotor 3B blown fuses. They installed a cover on the Rotor 2B bearing. They replaced blown fuses on Rotor 3B. They moved the Rotor 2B electric safety disconnect switch and installed new conduit. They installed 2" water line on Rotor 1B and 2B. They installed safety disconnect switches next to the motors on Rotors 4C & 4A. They added new safety disconnect switch by the Rotor 4B Rotor. They installed safety disconnect switch electrical cover box on Ditch 4. They pulled station "K" pumps 1 & 2 and cleaned them. They installed a new light pole in the parking lot. They replaced fuses on the Ditch #4 light pole. They replaced blown bulbs and light fuses. They repaired a leak on the bleach pump leak. They re-set the DIW pumps. They extended 12" rainstorm drain by the carports and added a 2" water line. They worked on Carports and by Dumpster area adding lime rock, leveling ground and compacting it, and getting it ready for asphalt. They took out old admin building rear sidewalk(cracked) and framed for new sidewalk. They framed the sidewalk and poured concrete by Clarifier #1, behind old admin building, Station K2 electric panel, Grit separator electric panel, effluent pumps electric panel, Rotors 1B & 2B. They worked on dept 20 kitchen replacing cabinets, sewer line and water heater. They installed shop a/c drip pan. They installed shop outside lights timer. They replaced batteries on the Sprayfield outflow meter and tightened loose wires. They mowed grass by the Pivot 1 tower and cannon stations getting them ready to start building corrals around them. They worked on Pivot #1. Cleaned area around the main tower and built corral around it. Worked on Pivot #2 electrical and aligned it. They worked on Pivot #2, it flipped over because the safety switch was completely rusted causing the switch not to work. They repaired Sprayfield Pivot #2. Built corral by Pivot #2 main tower & electrical panel. They built Pivot #3 tower corral.

Equipment: - They replaced the battery on the diesel trailer and installed a new solar battery charger. They installed dept 10 enclosed trailer electric jack. They serviced the side mower and replaced the blades, cleaned the radiator and repaired the hydraulic hose. They repaired the shop pressure washer. They replaced the hydraulic o-ring on dept 10 Takeuchi mini-excavator hydraulic pump. They serviced the dept 50 Takeuchi mini-excavator and replaced and adjusted tracks. They also replaced the hydraulic hose and cleaned and painted the chassis. They replaced a blown fuse on dept 50 air compressor. They replaced the PTO relay and output shaft and fuel pump on the MX110 Case Tractor. They replaced the Bad Boy mower blades, and fuel tank. They replaced the radiator on Tractor 452. They repaired the B95 transmission oil leak. They replaced the electric junction box on the old transfer pump. They installed new decals on dept 10 dump trailer.

Vehicles: - They repaired a coolant leak on truck 111. They repaired a tail light on truck 114. They installed 2 new tires on truck 116. They replaced truck 117 tail light. They repaired truck 226 a/c. They replaced truck 228 water tank level indicator. They jumped start truck 331. They replaced strobe light blown fuse on truck 332. They also replaced the front and rear brakes. They re- connected truck 334 crane remote loose wires. They repaired truck 335 PTO air lines and replaced the fuel pressure sensor. They worked in office car, troubleshoot and replaced O2 sensors, new EGR valve, cleaned PCV valve and repaired a/c. They serviced truck 550. They replaced the back- up camera in truck 551.They repaired truck 556 trailer electrical hook u, and replaced the shocks. They repaired a fuel leak on truck 559.

Water Department: - They re-set dept 10 office a/c blower motor. They replaced light bulbs in dept 10 office restroom.

Miscellaneous: They moved Kerbi's phone line to Norma's office. Salvador helped cook the meat for the Board/Employee Annual Meeting. H.B. Parking Lot Maintenance patched main office parking lot and asphalt Wastewater plant dumpster area and Carports area. They ordered new stoves for departments 10 and 20.They replaced batteries in Norma's a/c thermostat. They replaced main office loose tiles. They moved around the drive thru, Jenna's and Veronica's office. They worked on main office parking lot, added lime rock, compacted it and took out extra dirt on parking lot drain(two full loads of dirt), getting it ready for new sod. They picked up sod at Silver Strands and planted it at main office and wastewater plant. They repaired Gloria's internet. They changed light bulbs and ballasts on main office parking lot and trimmed a few trees. They swapped out the power



supply from B3 to X1 lift station call out. They moved around Norma's office and installed a new desk. They installed a new TV antenna in board room. They helped Dept 30 on sewer backups, and pulling pumps at various lift stations.

Vacancies – There are no vacancies in this department.