Brand Name: Organi’Kalee™


Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N) 3.00%

1.00% Water Soluble Nitrogen

    1. % Water Insoluble Nitrogen**

      Available Phosphate as (P205) 1.00% Soluble Potash (K2O) 0.00% Calcium (Ca) 17.00% Derived From: Biosolids and Calcium Hydroxide

      FDACS Permit Number: F002089

      ** 2.00% Slowly Available Nitrogen from biosolids. Additional Information: pH 11.5

      This biosolids product meets the Class AA criteria of subsection 62-640.700(5)(b), F.A.C.

      Guaranteed by:


      Immokalee Water and Sewer District 140 White Way

      Immokalee, FL 34142

      Recommendations on Proper Storage: Do not stockpile more than one dry ton of unapplied product for more than seven (7) days unless appropriate precautions are taken to prevent the following:

      1. Runoff of product

      2. Runoff of stormwater that has come in contact with product

      3. Violation of odor prohibition of subsection 62-296.320(2), F.A.C.

      4. Vector attraction

Recommendations on Usage: Apply this product at a rate that does not exceed your specific crop or plant nutrient needs.