What are the watering restrictions in Immokalee?
The South Florida Water Management District imposed yearly watering restrictions.

I have a leak in my house. How can I tell how much water is being used?
A very small leak can use a lot of water over time. For example, a faucet that drips just 1 drop a minute will use over 4 gallons of water in a month.


Click here for other water resources at Drinktap.org

What is the source of Immokalee Water & Sewer District's water?

The District uses groundwater from wells.  The water is drawn from the lower Tamiami and the Sandstone aquifers. 

Is Immokalee Water & Sewer District a division of Collier County?

No.  We are an Independent Special District, governed by a local Board of Directors, who are appointed by the Governor of  Florida.

How do I arrange to start service to my home or business?

Call IWSD  at (239) 658-3630 five business days prior to closing on the property or moving. Please be prepared to provide your name, valid photo identification, social security number, the property address and the date of the closing or move. Our customer service representative will provide information about your deposit at that time. Any unpaid balances at that location will also have to be paid before service can be started. 

How can I pay my bill?

You have five convenient options:

  • Mail your payment to our lockbox service:
    Immokalee Water & Sewer District 
    PO Box 12047 - Naples, FL 34101
  • Your payment can be deducted monthly from your bank account through an ACH automatic electronic fund transfer (EFT). Please call us at (239) 658-3630 to request the form to begin this service.
  • You can now make payments by telephone 24 hours a day by calling (866) 658-3630.
  • Visit our office at 1020 Sanitation Road - Immokalee, and pay your bill in person during business hours at our drive-though window or in our lobby. In the evenings and on weekends, there is a drop box, located on the north side of the building at the drive-through window, for your convenience.
  • You can access the Online Bill Pay page and set up your account to view and pay your bills. There is a small convenience fee for the use of the online bill pay.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes.  For those customers who would prefer the flexibility of using online bill pay, that option is now available. For more information, contact our office on how to set up your account.

Please go to the Online Bill Pay page, and then click on the link to set up your account. Once you have successfully set up your account, you can review and pay your bills at your convenience. There is a small fee to use the online bill pay.


When is my bill due?

If your account number begins with a “1”, the regular bill will be due on the 4th of each month. If your account number begins with a “2”, the regular bill will be due on the 13th of each month; and if your account number begins with a “3”, the regular bill will be due on the 17th of each month. Anything paid after these dates will be charged a $5.00 late fee. Since there is a specific date set every month; then this date will inevitably fall on a weekend, or a holiday, at some point during the year. This means that the bill would have to be paid by the prior business day, to avoid the late charges.

When is your office open?

Our lobby is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The drive-through is opened from 8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  It is located at the north side of the building.

Can we pre-pay our account?

Yes, simply send a check with your account number on it. Any amount that you pay above the amount shown on your bill will be credited to your account and applied against future bills.

When are deposits refunded?

When you have given the appropriate request to turn off your account, in writing to our office, and supplied identification, an order will be issued to get a final reading.  The deposit is applied to any unpaid bills, and a check is then issued.  This process may take from six to eight weeks.

Can the deposit be waived for owners?

No. District policy requires that seperate deposits be provided for every water meter.

What is the base charge for a single-family home?

The base charge is based on Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU's). The average home is equipped with a 5/8 inch meter, with a monthly base charge of $19.82 for water and $30.72 for sewer service, and $5.50 per month for a cross connection control fee.   

If we leave for the summer, or go on an extended trip, do our bills stop?

Some customers choose to put their accounts on vacation.   Customers need to sign the appropriate forms, and request in advance for this service. There is a $40.00 (pre-paid) fee to do this service. When you come back into town, just stop by our office, and have the water turned back on.

If we're away for an extended time, can our bill be sent to an alternate address?

Yes. Please call our office to change the address.

Why is the sewer charge on my bill so high?

It costs a lot more to treat the wastewater than it costs to treat the groundwater to make it safe to drink, so the charges are a lot higher.

How do we read the meter?

On a single family residential meter, usually count four digits from left to right. That is your meter reading.

Click here for instructions on How to Read a Meter


 What is the Cross Connection Control Program?
Click here for Resolution 10-05 - Cross Connection Control Progam


It is a program that was implemented using a grant from EPA. 


Click here for a Brochure explaining the Cross Connection Control Program (English)

Haga clic aquí para un folleto explicando la "Cross Connection Control Program" (Español)







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