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For those customers who would prefer the flexibility of using online bill pay, that option is now available. For more information, contact our office on how to set up your account.
Please go to the Online Bill Pay page, and then click on the link to set up your account. Once you have successfully set up your account, you can review and pay your bills at your convenience.

Para aquellos clientes que prefieren la flexibilidad del uso de pago de facturas en línea, esta opción está disponible. Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina sobre cómo configurar su cuenta.

Por favor vaya a la página de pago de facturas en línea y luego haga clic en el enlace para configurar tu cuenta. Una vez que ha configurado correctamente su cuenta, usted puede revisar y pagar sus facturas a su conveniencia.

Pou sa kliyan ki ta prefere bay fleksibilite itilize ki peye bil online, sa chwa a koulye a disponib. Pou plis enfòmasyon, kontakte Biwo nou sou kouman pou mete sou pye nan kont anbank ou.

Souple ale nan paj Online Bill peye, Et puis klike sou lyen an pou mete sou pye nan kont anbank ou. Yon fwa ke, nou te anpil siksè pwepare kont anbank ou, ou ka revize epi peye dèt ou nan pratik ou.

IWSD Changes Board Meeting time to 4:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month.


IWSD rate changes go into effect on November 1, 2016, October 1, 2017, and October 1, 2018. Rates will increase by approximately 8.5% for water and 2.5% for sewer charges.
IWSD tasa cambios entren en vigor el 01 de Noviembre de 2016, Octobre 1, 2017 & Ocotbre 1, 2018. Tarifas aumentará en aproximadamente 8.5% de agua y 2.5% para gastos de alcantarilla.
IWSD yo ki te konn chanjman antre nan efè sou Novanm 1, 2016, 1 Oktòb 2017, ak Oktòb 1, 2018. Taux ap ogmante environ 8.5% pou dlo ak 2.5% pou D' chaj.

IWSD Begins Triannual Flushing Program

Fire Hydrant Flushing

It is time again for Immokalee Water & Sewer District to do the three times per year flushing of the water lines.  District employees will open the fire hydrants and flushout valves to let the water run. This is an important part of our maintenance program, to prevent sediment and rust from building up inside the lines. This buildup can cause discoloration in the water, and result in undesirable tastes and odors.  It can also cause a reduction in the effective diameter of the water line.  The water lines are flushed by opening a series of hydrants and flushout valves and allowing them to flow freely until the water is clear. This can take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes, or more, at each site. 

After water lines have been flushed in your area, you may have some discoloration in your water, a yellowish or brownish color.  This is normal, and can be alleviated by allowing the water to run in your faucet for about ten to fifteen minutes until it is clear.  Some customers may still have discoloration.  If the cold water is clear, and the hot water is discolored, then the sediment is in your hot water heater, and you will need to drain it.  Most hot water heater manufacturers advise that you flush them at least once a year.  If you have any questions, please contact Jean Pierre (JP) Louis or Kerbi Alexandre at (239) 658-3630.

IWSD Comienza a Tri-annual De Incendios Programa De Lavado

Es hora otra vez para Immokalee Water & Sewer District a hacer las tres veces al año de las líneas de agua de lavado. Los empleados del distrito abrirá los hidrantes y válvulas flushout para dejar el agua correr. Esto es una parte importante de nuestro programa de mantenimiento, para evitar sedimentos y óxido se acumulan dentro de las líneas. Esta acumulación puede causar decoloración en el agua y resultar en olores y sabores indeseables. También puede causar una reducción en el diámetro eficaz de la línea de agua. Las líneas de agua se eliminia abriendo una serie de hidrantes y válvulas flushout y permitiéndoles fluir libremente hasta que el agua es clara. Esto puede tardar entre quince a treinta minutos o más, en cada sitio.

Después de que las líneas de agua han sido limpiadas con agua en su área, usted puede tener alguna decoloración en su agua, un color amarillento o pardusco. Este es normal, y puede ser aliviado permitiendo al agua correr en su grifo durante aproximadamente diez a quince minutos hasta que esté claro. Algunos clientes todavía pueden tener la decoloración. Si el agua fría está clara, y el agua caliente es descolorada, entonces el sedimento está en su calentador de agua caliente, y usted tendrá que drenarlo. La mayoría de los fabricantes de calentador de agua calientes informan que usted los limpia con agua al menos una vez al año. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, por favor póngase en contacto con Jean Pierre (JP) Louis o Kerbi Alexandre en (239) 658-3630.


The Immokalee Water & Sewer District received funding through the  Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) to provide backflow prevention devices for all residential properties in the District.

The District has had a Cross Connection Control Program in place since September 1995.  However, the program previously has only been enforced for commercial customers, or businesses in Immokalee.  This funding has allowed us to expand the program to the residential customers. The District hired a contractor, MAJ Contracting, Inc., of Fort Myers, to begin the process of installing backflow prevention devices on all of the residential water meters in the Immokalee Water & Sewer District.

The purpose of the Cross Connection Control Program is to provide for the maintenance and operation of a continuing program which will systematically and effectively prevent the contamination or pollution of IWSD’s water distribution system due to cross connections, as required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The installation of the backflow prevention devices will assist in the protection of the District’s public potable (drinking) water supply from the possibility of contamination or pollution by isolating actual and/or potential cross-connections in the water distribution system that could create backflow into the public potable water supply.

They will also promote the elimination and control of cross-connections (actual or potential) between the District’s potable water system(s), and any other system(s) or plumbing fixtures. 

Please contact our office at (239) 658-3630 if you have any questions about this program. Download a Cross Connection Control Brochure

IWSD Board Votes to Require Leases During their Regular Board meeting on Wednesday, October 15, 2008, the Board of Commissioners of the Immokalee Water & Sewer District voted to require proof of ownership, or a copy of the lease from the owner of the property, in order to begin service with the District.   This is an effort negotiated between a property owner committee and the District, to reduce costs, in the form of unpaid bills.  The IWSD account will have to list the people on the lease, so that names cannot be changed on the water accounts in order to avoid paying past due water and sewer bills.   

   Effective 10/15/08 - You must be the property owner or have a lease from the property owner in order to begin  water service.  Resolution 09-01 - Requiring Leases

 Efectivo 10/15/08 - Usted debe ser el dueño de la propiedad o tener un contrato de arrendamiento del dueño de la propiedad para comenzar el servicio de agua.


  The Board also approved Resolution 09-02 that better defines the District policy with regard to meter tampering. Resolution 09-02 Defining Meter Tampering

 Due Dates and Late Fees for Monthly Utility Bills

Since Immokalee Water & Sewer District began charging the $5.00 late fee, in January 2005, we received a lot of feedback from the customers regarding the due dates on their bills. They would like a specific date for their bills to be due, each month, so that they can avoid accruing late fee charges. The drawback is that, if there is a specific date set every month; then this date will inevitably fall on a weekend, or a holiday, at some point during the year. This means that the bill would have to be paid by the prior business day, to avoid the charges. However, many of the customers have indicated that they would prefer this, rather than a moving (non-specific) due date. 

Bill Paying Options

Immokalee Water & Sewer District offers many options for paying your monthly bill. We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the Drive-through payment window, behind the office, located at 1020 Sanitation Road, opening 15 minutes earlier. There is also a night drop for after-hour payments. At each payment window, we also now take Master Card and Visa. For even more convenience, we can arrange for automatic deduction from your existing checking or savings account on either the 6th or the 18th of the month. Please call us at 658-3630 for more details. We NOW also offer online bill pay. Please go to the "Online Bill Pay" page to set up your account. We now accept payments by telephone at (866) 658-3630 24 hours a day.

The Immokalee Water & Sewer District does smoke testing on the sewer systems in various areas of Immokalee.  This smoke will reveal sources of sewer odors as well as places where storm and other surface waters are entering the sanitary systems.  A special, non-toxic smoke is used in these tests.  This smoke is manufactured for this purpose, leaves no residuals or stains and has no effect on plant and animal life.  The smoke has a distinctive, but not unpleasant, odor.  Visibility and odor last only a few minutes, where there is adequate ventilation. Because the plumbing appliances in some houses or buildings are connected to the sanitary sewer system, some of this smoke could enter a house if the vents connected to the building's sewer pipes are inadequate, defective or improperly installed; traps under sinks, tubs, basins, showers and other drains are dry, defective, improperly installed or missing; pipes, connections and seals of the wastewater drain system in and under buildings are damaged, defective, have plugs missing or are improperly installed. If traces of the smoke or its odor enter a house or building, it is an indication that gases and odors from the sewer also may enter.  These can be both unpleasant and dangerous as well as a health hazard to the occupants. Because of the costs associated with treating the storm water, Immokalee Water & Sewer District is aggressively pursuing ways to reduce the amount of storm water that enters the system.  You can help by making sure that your sewer clean-out cap is properly installed and in good working order.    If District personnel discover an area where the sewer clean-out cap is missing or damaged, a fee will be added to the monthly bill at that address.
Autoflush Assembly

Autoflush devices have been installed in some areas where there is a need for more frequent flushing.  This includes such areas as Village Oaks Elementary, Lake Trafford Marina, and at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Pinellas Street.

 Demonstration of an autoflush device.

 A link to get Quicktime to view the movie.

Technology & Ecology...A Winning Combination

IWSD is an equal opportunity provider and employer, and a Drugfree Workplace.


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